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IP Office Control Units

IP Office 403 C/U

IP Office 406V1 C/U

IP Office 406V2 C/U

IP Office 412 C/U

IP Office 500 C/U

IP Office 500V2 C/U


IP Office Expansion Modules

IP400 Phone 8 V1

IP400 Phone 8 V2

IP400 Phone 16 V1

IP400 Phone 16 V2

IP400 WAN3

IP400 Digital Station 16 V1

IP400 Digital Station 16 V2

IP400 Digital Station 30 V1

IP400 Digital Station 30 V2

IP400 Analog Trunk Module 16

IP500 Digital Station 16

IP500 Digital Station 30

IP500 Phone 30

IP Office 500 Base Cards

IP500 Digital Station 8

IP500 Analog Phone 2

IP500 Analog Phone 8

IP500 VCM 32 Base Card

IP500 VCM 64 Base Card

IP500 Carrier Base Card


IP Office Voicemail Solutions

Avaya Embedded Voicemail

Serial Port Feature w/VM Pro

IP Office Accessories

IP400 Rack Mounting Kit

IP500 Rack Mounting Kit

IP400 Analog T/M 4 Dust Plate

IP400 PRI 24 T1 Dust Plate


Voice Compression Modules

IP400 VCMs

IP500 VCMs

Interface Cards/ Expansion Kits

IP400 Analog Trunk Module 4

IP400 PRI 24 T1 Expansion Kit

IP400 Dual PRI 48 T1 Expansion Kit

IP500 PRI 1 Daughter Card

IP500 PRI 2 Daughter Card

IP500 Carrier Base Card

Avaya 2400 Series Digital Telephones

Avaya 2402 Digital Telephone

Avaya 2410 Digital Telephone

Avaya 2420 Digital Telephone

Avaya 4400 Series Digital Telephones

4400 Single-Line Digital Telephone

4400D Single-Line Digital Telephone

4406D+ 6 Button Digital Telephone

4412D+ 12 Button Digital Telephone

4424D+ 24-Button Digital Telephone

4424LD+ 24-Button Digital Telephone

DSS 4450 Direct Station Selector

Avaya 5400 Series Digital Telephones

Avaya 5402 Digital Telephone

Avaya 5410 Digital Telephone

Avaya 5420 Digital Telephone

Avaya EU24 1XU-A Key Expansion Module

Avaya EU24BL 2XU-A Expansion Module

Avaya 6400 Series Digital Telephones

Avaya 6408D+ Digital Telephone

Avaya 6416D+M Digital Telephone

Avaya 6424D+ Digital Telephone

XM24 24-Button Expansion Module

Avaya 1600 IP Telephones

Avaya 1603 IP Phone

Avaya 1603SW IP Phone

Avaya 1608 IP Phone

Avaya 1616 IP Phone

Avaya BM32 Button Module

Avaya 4600 IP Telephone Series 1

Avaya 4606 IP Telephone (D01)

Avaya 4606 IP Telephone (D02)

Avaya 4612 IP Telephone (D01)

Avaya 4612 IP Telephone (D02)

Avaya 4624 IP Telephone

Avaya 4600 IP Telephones Series 2

Avaya 4602SW IP Telephone

Avaya 4610SW IP Telephone

Avaya 4620 IP Telephone

Avaya 4620SW IP Telephone

Avaya 4621SW IP Telephone

Avaya 4625SW IP Telephone

Avaya 5600 IP Telephones

Avaya 5601 IP Telephone

Avaya 5602SW IP Telephone

Avaya 5610SW IP Telephone

Avaya 5620SW IP Telephone

Avaya 5621SW IP Telephone

Avaya IP Office Wireless Solutions

Avaya 3810 Wireless Telephone

IP Office RFA (Feature Licenses)

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IP Office Edition Licenses

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Welcome to Avaya IP Office's Telephone Man of America's Carrier Services request page.

Telephone Man of America's Carrier Services guarantees that our discounted broadband service plans will not be beaten by anyone - not by our vendors direct and not by competitors who resell the same connection speeds. Call the Telephone Man of America today at 863-614-1900 or send an
E-MAIL if you have any other questions, comments, concerns etc.

DSL Services:

Do you need an internet connection or a faster internet connection?  For speeds that are 10 to 100 times faster than dial up and you can use your existing copper infrastructure try DSL.  DSL download speeds range from 768 Kbps up to 6.0 Mbps – speeds are dependent upon the proximity to the DSL provider. DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)
uses existing copper pair phone line wiring and a DSL modem to connect to the internet. For availability and to request a quote to find the best DSL Service Provider in your area CLICK HERE - the following page will say T1 but all internet options will be provided and the most cost effective solution for your area will be presented.

Satellite Internet Services and More:

Do you need high-speed internet and cable and other internet options are not availaible?  Satellite and other options may be available to you. For availability in your area from major service providers CLICK HERE - the following page will say T1 but all internet options will be provided and the most cost effective solution for your area will be presented.

T1 Services:

Do you need a dedicated high speed internet connection of 1.54 Mbps that is a business class broadband connection with up to 23 channels?  Do you need your voice and data needs on one network and to be packed with business productivity and enhancing features that support multiple users, web sites, and enterprise applications?  For a  low price guarantee and to request T1 services and find the best T1 Service Provider in your area CLICK HERE

Ethernet Services:

Do you want increased dedicated internet bandwidth and increased internet speeds from 10 Mbps up to 1,000 Mbps?  Even if your office doesn't have access to fiber connections or OC3 connectivity Ethernet services may be able to be used through your existing copper infrastructure!  Ethernet services offers a lower price per megabit than T1's or OC3's.  To see your eligibility and to request a quote and find the best Ethernet Service Provider in your area

OC3 Services:

Do you demand high bandwidth and fast speeds of 155.52 Mbps?  If so OC3 Services are for you!  Optical Carrier (OC) levels describe a range of digital signals that can be carried on Sonet Fiber Optic Network.  The number in the Optical Carrier level is directly proportional to the data rate of the bitstream carried by the digital signal - OC1 = 51.84 Mbps.  To see your eligibility and to request a quote and find the best OC3 Service Provider in your area

MPLS Services:

Do you have multiple offices and locations that are on different voice, video and data networks?  Would you like all of your offices voice, video and data to be on the same network?  Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a flexible, cost-effective wide area network solution for linking all of your offices and locations via a secure and scalable network infrastructure.  To request a MPLS quote in under 2 minutes and MPLS services and find the best MPLS Service Provider in your area CLICK HERE

Skype Your PBX:

Do you want to be able to use the world's largest VoIP network (Skype) to make low cost high quality VoIP calls using your current PBX/Phone system phones?  As of 11/2008 Skype's Unlimited US & Canada subscription for unlimited calls is only $29.50/yr per line - that's about $2.45/mo per line for unlimited calls!!  Skype also has other subscriptions - Unlimited Mexico and Unlimited World.  For more information CLICK HERE

VoIP Services:

Do you want to take advantage of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to lower your phone bill?  Whether you need a residential, commercial or enterprise quote we have a solution for you.  To see the plans and pricing available to you CLICK HERE

SIP Trunking:

Do you want to lower your price per line you are paying the phone company?  SIP Trunking can lower your line fees!  You can also have phone number's (DID's) in different regions of the country or world be routed directly to you to save your customer's money by them dialing a local number.  All that is needed is a high speed internet connection.  A gateway will be needed for non SIP PBX/Phone Systems to convert the SIP trunks to analog lines and will be provided as part of your package.  To request a SIP Trunking proposal/quote CLICK HERE 

Some of our Carrier Service Partners are;

Paetec, UCN, ACC Business, Level(3) Communications, PowerNet Global, AT&T, tw telecom, AireSpring, Cavalier, Nuvox, Qwest, USA Digital Communications, MegaPath, XO Communications, Telnes, Broad Sky Networks, Network Innovations, TelePacific Communications, Cavalier Telephone, New Edge Networks, COVAD, One Communications, Netifice, Broadwing, USLEC, Xspedius,

Carrier Services Offered:

DSL, Satellite, T1, Ethernet, OC3, MPLS, VoIP, SIP, DS1, DS3, T3 and any other emerging technologies.

Telephone Man of America is a partner with Telarus, Inc.

Call the Telephone Man of America today at 863-614-1900 or send an E-MAIL if you have any other questions, comments, concerns etc.

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